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The Cheyenne Depot Museum Foundation is a tax exempt, non-profit foundation established to create and administer a permanent endowment for the support of the Cheyenne Depot Museum, which is located in the historic Union Pacific Railroad Depot in downtown Cheyenne.


Board of Directors

Max Carre          Rick Bell       Nick Dodgson      Jim Coker




See below to help keep history alive in Cheyenne!


Current Fund Raising Events and Projects:

Big Boots


'These Boots Are Made for Talking' public art project of 2005 generated tremendous interest and prompted the Cheyenne Depot Museum Foundation to offer custom made boots to businesses, organizations, and individuals around the nation. 'These Boots' are approximately 8 feet tall and 8 feet from heel to toe. These one-of-a-kind boots can now be embellished to your specifications and design. Call 307.632.3905 for more information.

There are several experienced artists available to meet your design needs. Your design ideas will be evaluated by the artist committee and the appropriate artist will be chosen. The artist can volunteer ideas and suggestions and a workable design can be decided upon. Once the boot is finished it is covered with a clear sealant to preserve its beauty for display inside or outside.


The finished large boots of the initial public art campaign are still very popular and are displayed at

the Cheyenne Depot Museum Complex and by businesses and organizations around the Cheyenne

area. The 'Boots' still generate great enthusiasm and traffic to each of their locations. So, if you missed the earlier campaign you now have an opportunity to purchase a 'one-of-a-kind' boot embellished to

your specifications and design.  Boots will be offered at $6,000 each. Net proceeds will be deposited

into the permanent endowment for the future support and expansion of the Cheyenne Depot Museum

and Complex.












Commemorative Bricks


This is an opportunity to leave your mark on history and support the Cheyenne Depot Museum. The Cheyenne Depot Museum and Foundation are offering the chance for you to have a personally engraved brick placed on the outside entrance way to the Museum. These handsome, cobblestone like bricks are deeply etched and filled in with a black epoxy that will last for years. These bricks are available in two sizes: 8" X 8" and 4" X 8". Each brick can hold up to 20 lower-case and or 17 upper-case letters per line with a three line maximum. A donation of $500.00 for the 8" X 8" brick and $250.00 for the 4" X 8" brick can ensure your legacy lives on for present and future generations to marvel and enjoy. These bricks are a wonderful way to:

  • Remember Loved Ones!

  • Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries!

  • Honor Old and New Friends!   

  • Recognize Important Causes and Events!



To join the celebration is easy. Mail the form with your tax-deductible payment. It is that easy! For more information please call the Cheyenne Depot Museum Office at 307-632-3905.

Past Fund Raising Projects:


Hard to Leave


Your donation supported placement of an anchor piece

for the Capitol Avenue Bronze Sculpture Project.

'Hard to Leave', a bronze by Bobbie Carlyle, is installed

near the corner of Capitol Avenue and 15th Street.

A donor plaque placed near the bronze recognizes

all donors of $1000 or more.

Painted Big Boots lined up in the lobby of the Depot.
Example of a commemorative brick.
Bronze sculpture of a man in a cowboy hat with his traveling bag at his feet.
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