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Ring in the New Year with family and friends at the Cheyenne Municipal Building, 2101 O'Neil! The NYE Ball will be directly in front of the Municipal Building, but the fireworks can be seen all around the neighborhood. To see the show, please park at any of the parking lots around the neighborhood near 2101 O'Neil and watch the fireworks from your car. We are asking that you stay with your small groups to enjoy the show. Tune your radio to KFBC 1240 AM or 97.5 FM to hear the choreographed music.

Kids are dressed up for a New Year's Eve celebration, including heart sunglasses and noise makers.


We are sorry to say that there will not be a children's event on New Year's Eve 2021.

A fireworks display.

Countdown to 2022

The logo for the New Year's Eve Ball drop with the Depot Logo and fireworks.
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